Муниципальная олимпиада по английскому языку 6 класс

Муниципальная олимпиада проходила в сентябре 2015 года, в ней приняло участие 9443 учеников с разных уголков нашей страны и ближнего зарубежья, и 82 из них стали финалистами.

Эти задания предлагаются учителям английского языка и родителям школьников. Они могут быть использованы на уроках по английскому языку для 6 класса и во внеурочной деятельности.

Тесты помогают проверить не только знания школьного материала, но и систематизировать знания и повысить познавательный интерес к предмету. Работа содержит верные ответы и критерии оценивания.

1. Choose the correct form of the verb:

He said he ________ in Moscow since 2005.

  • А) lived
  • Б) has lived
  • В) had lived

2. Choose the correct pronoun:

___ house is near hers.

  • А) Us
  • Б) Them
  • В) We
  • Г) Our

3. Choose the correct sentence:

He said: "Do you have money?"

  • А) He said if I had money.
  • Б) He asked if I had money.
  • В) He asked if I have money
  • Г) He said if I have money.

4. Choose the correct form of the verb:

We didn’t expect that he __________ us the film.

  • А) showed
  • Б) will show
  • В) would show

5. Choose the correct word:

He has ___ arrived.

  • А) yet
  • Б) already
  • В) since

6. Finish the sentence:

We are rich, _______ ?

  • А) are we
  • Б) do we
  • В) aren't we
  • Г) don't we

7. Choose the correct word:

When I was younger, I________ paint for 2 hours every day

  • А) would
  • Б) will
  • В) was

8. Choose the correct word:

We can't see anything. Put the headlights of the car on. It is _____

  • А) dark
  • Б) rainy
  • В) foggy
  • Г) cloudy

9. 1. Read the dialogue.

Tour guide: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this fantastic tour of London by bus. My name’s Greg and I’m your guide this afternoon on our tour of London. As you can see, we’re on an open-top bus, so you can see all the attractions from your seat and you don’t need to walk anywhere. And please don’t worry about the rain, I’m sure it’ll stop soon. A-a-and please ask any questions at any time.
Tourist 1: I have a question.
Tour guide: Yes?
Tourist 1: Do you have extra umbrellas? I mean, if it rains a lot.
Tour guide: Err, no, we don’t have any extra umbrellas, but don’t worry, I’m sure the rain will stop soon. Right, OK, so where are we going on our wonderful tour? Well, the tour takes two hours and we are going to visit all the famous sites. First we’ll see Madame Tussauds, the museum with wax models of famous people and celebrities, then we’ll drive along the most famous shopping street in the world, Oxford Street. After that we’ll see the famous clock Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament. As we drive along the river you’ll see the popular attraction, the London Eye, from which you can see the whole city on a sunny day. Then we’ll see Tower Bridge and the famous Tower of London before arriving at Buckingham Palace, just in time for a cup of tea with the Queen.
Tourist 2: Is that included in the tour? A cup of tea with the Queen?
Tour guide: Err, well, no, not exactly, but there’s a lovely café near the palace where you can get a cup of tea. (Sound of a storm right overhead, loud thunder and very heavy downpour)
Tourist 1: I have another question.
Tour guide: Yes?
Tourist 1: Can we have our money back? We’re getting off the bus.
Tour guide: Err, well, you see ... Quick! Run! Everyone off the bus! ...

2.Read the questions and choose the correct answer.

Oxford Street is a famous street for ___________.

  • А) business
  • Б) offices
  • В) shopping
  • Г) banks

10. Choose the correct pronoun:

My neighbour's cat can't walk very well. I think it hurt one of ___ legs.

  • А) it
  • Б) its
  • В) it's
  • Г) itself

11. Choose the correct word:

This is the bank _______ was robbed yesterday.

  • А) who
  • Б) which
  • В) whose

12. Choose the corect option:

Ted used to _________ my best friend, but he lives in Canada now.

  • А) is
  • Б) are
  • В) be
  • Г) being

13. Choose the correct form of the verb:

I knew that my sister ________ a problem.

  • А) have
  • Б) has
  • В) had

14. Choose the correct word:

There's __ ______reason to hurry - we're in good time.

  • А) none
  • Б) not
  • В) no

15. Choose the correct option:

Did they _________ go to the cinema?

  • А) use
  • Б) use to
  • В) used
  • Г) used to

16. Choose the correct pronoun:

It's my mother's birthday next week. I am going to buy ___ a present.

  • А) she
  • Б) her
  • В) herself

17. Complete the sentence:

Many homes were _______________ by the hurricane.

  • А) destructed
  • Б) destroyed
  • В) injured

18. Choose the correct option:

I ------------ go to the beach every day.

  • А) use to
  • Б) uses to
  • В) used to

19. Choose the correct:

She's wearing sunglasses. It's

  • А) hot
  • Б) warm
  • В) windy
  • Г) sunny

20. 1.Read the text.

The Arctic is the smallest and shallowest of the five oceans
and lies between the landmasses around the North Pole.
It covers an area of about 14,056,000 sq km.
Ice covers part of the ocean surface year round which melts and freezes. During the winter the surface is almost completely covered by sea ice.
The Arctic is connected to the Pacific Ocean by the Bering Strait and to the Atlantic Ocean through the Greenland Sea. The temperature of the water ranges from +2°C degrees to -2°C. When the water drops below -2°C it freezes into sea ice. The largest icebergs in the Arctic normally come from Ellesmere Island.
During the summer there is constant daylight for 24 hours, allowing the plant life and tiny animal life (krill) to bloom. The plankton is important for the small fish and also for the larger fish and seals that eat the small fish! During the winter months there is complete darkness causing some animals like whales to leave.
The ice cap which covers much of the Arctic Ocean is getting smaller, causing problems for the animal life that live there. Polar bears, fur seals, beluga whales, narwhals, and walruses are some of the creatures that inhabit the freezing temperatures of the Arctic Ocean.

2. Choose three animals that inhabit the Arctic.

  • А) Dolphin
  • Б) Polar bear
  • В) Beluga whale
  • Г) Deer
  • Д) Wolf
  • Е) Walruse
  • Ж) Puffer fish

Муниципальная олимпиада по английскому языку (6 класс) - ответы

Номер заданияПравильный ответ
1 В
2 Г
3 Б
4 В
5 А
6 В
7 А
8 В
9 В
10 Б
11 Б
12 В
13 В
14 В
15 Б
16 Б
17 Б
18 В
19 Г
20 БВЕ